Introduction to Shangrila

The word ”Shangri-la” stands for a beautiful imaginary place, where life approaches perfection; Utopia. Bhutan is one of the most sacred places on Earth, it is as beautiful as heaven for some and a place one must visit once in a lifetime for others. Its people are the happiest and Buddhism has ruled over the country. Whatever we do with an intention of benefiting others, it defines our religion.

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Shangrila foundation is visualized as helping and supporting people of any kind who conceive of practicing Dharma as they have their own hopes and expectation in fulfilling their aspirations, but due to the absence of strength, power, and possession, many failed and left their wishes unfulfilled. Moreover, in lack of capabilities and knowledge with difficulties in dealing with technology in this modern developing country every hope and wish is shattered even more. So with all this calamity, we Shangri-La wanted to keep every hope and expectation to be united and fulfilled. We will also mention all sponsors and supporters through our website pages with clarity and sincerity. Earnestly we also accept any kind of support and backing for our foundation behind the financial background.

Shangrila Foundation will not only work on helping formally educate the monk students living in rural places who cannot avail of the same services as those in urban areas but also look for solutions considering all the struggles and hardships they are facing. With the rapid development of the nation, it is important for them to learn the basics of ICT-related tasks. We will also look into that and train them in all the necessary fields to promise them the future they deserve. The kind of lives that will be easier and more comfortable. Therefore, this foundation is truly based mostly on charitable purposes.


  1. Faith and family.
  2. Together we will go far.
  3. Teamwork is the ability to work together
         towards a common vision.
  4. Power to the People.
  5. Helping people toward mutual goals.