“No one has ever become poor from giving.” – Anne Frank.

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Give a helping hand and
help unfortunates

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill.

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Welcome To SHANGRILA Non-Profit & NGO Ogranization

The word ”Shangri-la” stands for a beautiful imaginary place, where life approaches perfection; Utopia. Bhutan is one of the most sacred places on Earth, it is as beautiful as heaven for some and a place one must visit once in a lifetime for the others. Its people are the happiest and Buddhism has ruled over the country. Whatever we do with an intention of benefiting others, it defines our religion.

Our Motto

Faith and family.
Together we will go far.
Teamwork is the ability to work together
     towards a common vision.
Power to the People.
Helping people toward mutual goals.

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What We Do?

As mentioned earlier, our team is aware about the needs, struggles and hardships of the needy monasteries located over all the twenty Dzongkhags. We are together seeking contributions from within the country and from the countries outside, who are sincerely willing to support our project especially in case of finance, in order to solve everything in our abilty. We are keeping note of their opinions on whatever they require and we are trying to reach out to them as much as possible. There are supporters within Bhutan but beacuse we are so less in numbers, not much can be collected and for that, we are trying to approach everyone we know, living outside.

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We Collect Fund Around the world

Whatever amount we receive from our supporters, we promise not to waste or misuse a single penny for it is not fair if we are not careful about a man’s hardearned money. There might be people who will doubt our doings but through this website, everything will be transparent enough. The sponsors will be thanked personally with their pictures and details of any amount they contributed clearly. The country they belong to and how or why they helped us will be written as well.
Humans are all the same but some of us struggle and cannot afford to live a normal lives. We are trying to bring in all of us together, the poor and the rich, to help each other and prove that we can achieve anything as a team. Wealth is not forever and no matter what, we will never be able to take them to our graves. Kindness on the other hand, will leave footfrints in this world long after we leave.
We are working hard on the good motivation and whatever help we can render the needy, whenever possible that is within our capabilities limitations. All that we try to do is acquiring merits not just for this lifetime but many more lives to come. On the ground level, being Bhutanese, we respect and praise Buddhism from the depths of our hearts.

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